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Sumner Local Food Group

The Sumner Local Food Group exists to support community gardening projects and other local food initiatives in the Sumner area.

There are now several projects up and running in the Sumner area which are helping to develop a healthy, local food supply and relationships based around food. There are other also other related projects happening in connection with the Sumner Environment Group and Greening the Rubble Group (and others).

The core functions of the Local Food Group are to keep everybody informed about what is happening both here in Sumner and elsewhere, to provide access to useful information, and to assist with getting new projects up and running in our area. If you have a project or idea that might improve our local food supply then sounds us out ... we may be able to help!

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For a good read on the local food movement,  follow this link

The group, originally known as the Sumner Community Garden, established in May 2008 with 5 members forming a committee under the auspices of the Sumner Union Bays Trust.  In December 2010, the group established a community vegetable garden behind the Anglican Church on Wakefield Ave.  

Since the February earthquake, the site is no longer safe and the group is pursuing innovative approaches to nurturing local food, health and culture. The group changed its name to the Local Food Group in April 2011 and have since been developing a range of community gardening initiatives.

Sumner Local Food Group is a social network service connecting people with information and projects in the Sumner area involving any aspect of local food.  Project we offer support to include:

  • Sumner Van Asch community garden
  • The great Sumner plum drive
  • Sumner FoodSwap

If you have a new project or idea that involves local food let us know! We may be able to help by connecting you to info, resources or like minded people that can help make it happen.

There is no joining fee! Everyone on the Group email list can expect to see a Local Food Update about once a month, plus the occasional reminder message about upcoming events you may be interested in.

To get involved in any of the local projects, look out for details of the next event in our Local Food email updates or on the

If you have a new project idea or just want to find out more contact the Sumner Local Food Group conveners:


If you are feeling like sharing then you can donate to this group .  Gifts such as resources suitable for community gardening activities are also very welcome.  The aim is to develop a common resources pool for all community groups to use.  

Thank you for your support.

We have received two monetary donations from Waikanae Beach Garden Group (Kapiti Coast) and an overseas donor (Chris and Eric in the UK) totally $150.  A big thank you to them all and quite touching to know that people are interested in our efforts.

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The Food Bill - Important Message

This Bill potentially affects the Sumner Local Food Group.  In a nutshell, if the new Food Bill is passed then 'unexempted' sharing and trading of homegrown food would be a criminal offence.  This sounds ridiculous, but it is true.  Read more ...


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