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Backyard Bounce

Choose a lifestyle choice with the goal of eating the bulk of our basic foods fresh from our own local area.

This project is supported by the Sumner Local Food Group

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This is a concept taken from the roots of the Ooooby Project , part of the Auckland Food Alliance

Ooooby is an ‘Out Of Our Own Back Yards’ network of gardeners/local growers for the sharing of produce, seeds, ideas, tips, jams and more.

We think this could work in Sumner, beginning at a neighbourly sort of street-level scale.

If you and some friends or neighbours are keen to start a group then get in touch, we can give you a few tips for getting it going!

The Backyard Bounce idea...

  1. Meet with your group – preferably at a garden, and around some food.
  2. Develop your Backyard Bounce schedule (see below for ideas)
  3. Get into it!

Some suggested starting points to get you going:

  • Over a length of time that suits the seasons and your selves, lay out a timetable for spending some time in everyone’s garden. 
  • Pitch in with whatever needs to be done to help
  • Follow the ‘sweat equity’ principle – you put the effort in, you sow the equivalent reward
  • Celebrate the most trivial of achievements or even ‘document’ your progress
  • Host a mini-event and invite whoever you like (e.g. Jam competition, worm-farming workshop)
  • Some gardens may be better suited for growing certain crops – co-operate your space
  • Have cooking nights