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Sumner Village Centre Master Plan

Sumner Village Master Area

Sumner Village Centre has been identified by the Council as a commercial area suitable for a “community-led” masterplanning exercise.  This recognises the progress that had been made by Sumner residents, in conjunction with building and business owners to identify redevelopment opportunities for the wider Sumner suburb following the earthquakes.

This progress has seen the production of a ‘draft Sumner Plan’ for the area extending from Taylors Mistake to Redcliffs.

The draft plan for the wider suburb includes information on Sumner Village Centre.  This information will be relevant to preparing the Council supported ‘Sumner Village Centre Masterplan’.  Sumner is currently the only “community-led” master planning exercise for a commercial area within the Council’s Suburban Centre programme.

Joint Advisory Group (JAG)

The Joint Advisory Group is made up of:

  • Two Community Board representatives 
  1. David Cox ( Hagley Ferrymead Community Board ) david.cox@ccc.govt.nz
  2. Nathan Ryan ( Hagley Ferrymead Community Board ) nathan.ryan@ccc.govt.nz
  • Six Community representatives who reside in Sumner (local people and community leaders who have sound knowledge of the area and the Sumner community, as well as individuals with experience in urban design and planning):
  1. Max Capocaccia ( Sumner Urban Design Team ) max@mcarchitecturestudio.net
  2. Bruce Banbury ( Sumner Urban Design Team ) banbury.architects@xtra.co.nz
  3. Darren Wright ( Sumner Residents Association Inc. ) darren@darrenwright.com
  4. Bob Stewart ( Sumner Business Group , Recover Canterbury ) bob.stewart@recovercanterbury.co.nz
  5. Tanya Michael ( Sumner Business Group , The headless Mexican ) gtm@xtra.co.nz
  6. Humphrey Archer ( Sumner Community Centre Inc. ) h.e.archer@xtra.co.nz
  • Two Council officers.
  1. Jenny Ridgen (Programme Manager - Healthy Environment.  Strategy and Planning Group) Jenny.Ridgen@ccc.govt.nz
  2. Miranda Charles (Policy Planner, Urban Renewal - Strategy & Planning Group) Miranda.Charles@ccc.govt.nz

Background & Introduction

Proposal of JAG to City Council

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