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24 October 2012

24 Oct update - The Christchurch City Council is working through a range of issues relating to future planning on the Port Hills.

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Earthquake Rockfall maps http://www.ccc.govt.nz/homeliving/civildefence/chchearthquake/earthquakerockfallmaps.aspx

24 Oct Update

The Christchurch City Council is working through a range of issues relating to future planning on the Port Hills. This work includes potential changes to the Christchurch City Plan and Banks Peninsula District Plan, and an amended Infrastructure Design Standard and Technical Standard for Rockfall Protection Structures. These changes are designed to strengthen the Council’s existing consenting processes in line with post-earthquake knowledge.

Next month’s Council meeting will consider changes to the District Plans relating to the management of land-use and subdivision activities in high risk areas, including potential controls (resource consent requirements) for Rockfall Protection Work (including rockfall protection structures).

As there is currently no New Zealand Standard for Rockfall Protection Structures, the November Council meeting will also consider amendments to its own Infrastructure Design Standard and a new Council Technical Standard for Rockfall Protection Structures.

The amended Geotechnical Requirements of the Infrastructure Design Standard for Rockfall Protection Structures will define the structural and performance criteria for these structures. It will cover such aspects of the structures as warranties, design life and materials, while also specifying the design-review process, stipulating the use of qualified designers and peer reviewers, along with a set of Producer Statements.

The Technical Standard being developed which will provide guidance to property owners, engineers, planners, consultants and contractors on the evaluation, design, consenting and construction of these structures on the Port Hills. It will not be a construction standard but rather key considerations for planning and building Rockfall Protection Structures.

In all cases, it is proposed site-specific assessments and a detailed engineering design will need to be undertaken to determine the viability of protection works for long term rockfall hazard management.

5 October Update

Just a quick reminder that the Christchurch City Council is working with the University of Canterbury and GNS Science to present a geotechnical information seminar next Saturday 13 October 2012 from 9am.

This is to help explain the complex and technical information in the GNS Science reports which were prepared for the Council in response to the Canterbury earthquakes and contain information on the life-safety risks from rockfall/boulder roll and cliff collapse on the Port Hills.

Details of the day are being finalised and will be sent through to you on Tuesday 9 October 2012. The seminar will be held at the University of Canterbury and you will need to register for the sessions, either online (details to be announced on 9 October 2012) or by phoning the Council on 941 8999.

It is important to understand the sessions are about explaining the information contained within the reports to help understand the science behind the life-safety risks from rockfall/boulder roll and cliff collapse on the Port Hills. The sessions will not cover the CERA zoning decisions or review, the criteria for the placement of section 124 notices or options for mitigation.

28 September Update

The Christchurch City Council has today released seven detailed technical reports on slope instability on the Port Hills

The reports were prepared for the Council by GNS Science in response to the Canterbury earthquakes and contain information on the life-safety risks from rockfall/boulder roll and cliff collapse on the Port Hills.
The findings in these reports were used by CERA to inform recovery decisions and are going to be used by the Council for infrastructure, planning and regulation matters.
Also released today are three summary brochures which have been prepared to explain the technical terms and concepts used in the reports.
All the reports and brochures are on the Council's website - http://www.ccc.govt.nz/porthillsgnsreports - along with a number of maps that will assist people to understand the findings of each report.
These reports are, by their nature, technical and complex and are area-based rather than property specific. A geotechnical information seminar will be held on Saturday 13 October which you will be invited to attend to learn more about the GNS Science reports. Details of this event are still being finalised. You will be advised of the time, venue and programme when it is available.
Attached are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) relating to the release of the reports.
In the interim, if you have any questions please send these to: GNSReportsQuery@ccc.govt.nz
Kind Regards
Port Hills Geotech Team

14 August Update


Rock stabilisation work will be continuing above Evans Pass Road during August. The timeframe may be subject to change but will be advised.

You may hear the sound of drilling, explosives and helicopters as part of this work.

Nearby residents have been contacted to inform them about the work and the requirement for some people to be out of their homes during working hours (8.00am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday on a daily basis).


Any further questions for Council officers can be directed to porthillsgeotech@ccc.govt.nz

Please note that the closure of Evans Pass Road and the tracks on the slopes above Evans Pass will be enforced between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. There is no access permitted to the public due to the multiple hazards that are present on this site.

We look forward to your support through this part of the earthquake remediation works.

Any queries please contact Gareth Hallam – Site Supervisor

Cell-phone: 0272 080 592
Email: gareth@abseilaccess.co.nz

7 August Update

Work gets underway this week drilling a number of boreholes in the Port Hills.

This work will initially involve drilling at five sites – Clifton Terrace/Kinsey Terrace, Lucas Lane, Deans Head, Richmond Hill and Moa Bone Cave area – during the next three months. The work is part of the Council’s wider programme of geotechnical investigations in the Port Hills.

The drilling will enable the Council to better understand the nature of the soil, bedrock and ground